How To Do A Sound Healing Session: Techniques for bowls, gongs, flutes, chimes and more!


Sound Healer Training

Are you stepping into your sound healing journey and looking for some foundational information to help get you started?

Or maybe you have already been incorporating sound healing into your practice and are ready to start offering sessions to others.

In either case, we have a 30-minute Sound Healer Training video that can give you more information and practical tips on creating a safe and meditative space to offer the gift of sound.

In this video, Adrian DiMatteo shares basic information about how to use Sound Healing Instruments on and around the body and how to facilitate a space that encourages relaxation and healing. Adrian has a lot of expertise in this field, and what he shares is incredibly valuable if you are interested in doing sound healing work. Let us know in the comments what instruments you use for sound healing on yourself or others!

Watch the video here:

Some instruments featured in the video are available in our online store!

Koshi Chimes:

Native American Pentatonic Flute:

Mallet Harp Mini:

Meinl Shaker:

Shipibo Shamanic Rattle:

Shamanic Frame Drum #1:

Shamanic Frame Drum #2:

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