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Welcome to Didge Project – a website with simple tips to help musicians get the most out of their instruments.

When we began in 2008 our main focus was on teaching how to play the didgeridoo, a wind instrument originating in aboriginal Australia and also said to be present in ancient Mayan times. After working with countless people it became apparent that most musicians play multiple instruments and that we have the community resources to help all musicians get better results. While we still provide didgeridoo lessons, classes and programs, our focus is to provide tutorials for music and instruments from all around the world.

Some of you who are advanced musicians might find some of what is on this site a little basic, but it’s the new to semi-experienced musician that this site is aimed at. Having said this, even experienced musicians have already told me that reading the tips written here have been helpful in refreshing their memories and reminding them of lessons once learned.

This learning environment is a gateway into a wide variety of tutorials and highlights unconventional instruments from many traditions. We provide free and affordable learning experiences for people interested in learning didgeridoo, drumming, voice and all forms of music. Unlike most schools, the information here is free. We do run limited advertising and affiliate programs to help us cover costs and keep expanding, however, our core content is available to our readers at no cost.

Didge Project develops educational products that allow participants to learn in-depth at their own pace, many of which can be coupled with private and group instruction. One of our most successful courses is The Circular Breathing Mastery Program, a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to learn circular breathing on a wind instrument.

Our Musical Instrument Store in Upstate New York is a place where buyers can come “try before you buy”. We as musicians know that brick-and-mortar world instrument stores are hard to find. Our goal is to provide quality handmade instruments that people can come play before taking them home.

The therapeutic power of music is gaining momentum in the mass consciousness. Works such as Musicophilia (Oliver Sacks), The Mozart Effect (Don Campbell) and This is Your Brain On Music (Daniel Levitin) all agree that music has the power to heal. We at Didge Project have had a special connection with the sleep apnea community as it has been clinically shown that playing the didgeridoo is an active therapy for sleep apnea and has already helped countless people. In addition we promote sound healing and arts and music therapy as a way to help people overcome trauma, stress and negativity.

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Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING

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