The Monolina Monochord is a Must-Hear Drone Harp (20 min. sound journey)


Check out our most recent Sound Healing Journey with members of Shamanic Sound Ensemble Dream Seed; featuring the magical Monolina Monochord!

We are so excited to welcome The Monolina Monochord to the Didge Project store. This incredible drone harp is extremely resonant and creates an etherial space wherever it is played.

The Monolina Monochord is a beautiful instrument that helps cultivate intuition, harmony in singing, and a relaxing sound that is perfect for any sound healing meditation. The Monochord is a musical instrument consisting of a single string stretched over a calibrated sound box and having a movable bridge. This instrument combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning.

The monochord is an ancient scientific and musical instrument, invented in Greece in c. 500 BC, used for the investigation and demonstration of musical phenomena.

The Monolina Monochord is perfect for sound healing, vocalization, and creating different energies and frequencies into a space. It can help promote relaxation and meditative states in the player and audience, making it a great addition to any healer’s toolkit. See how this instrument speaks to you and unlock your own intuitive gifts with this magnificent instrument. Enjoy the sound journey!

Get your Monolina Monochord today!

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