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Shipibo Shamanic Rattle from Peru


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This rattle is a great accompaniment for singers, didgeridoo players, drummers or anyone else with a free hand. Its beautiful shaking adds a sound layer that fills in space and makes a song more complete. What makes this a shamanic rattle?

These rattles are ceremonial tools made by traditional Shipibo craftspeople in Peru. In healing ceremonies, rattles are used to accompany songs with the intention to heal a  patient or a group of people.

Tutorial on how to play:

A rattle and a shaker are essentially the same thing. The term “rattle” is usually assigned to a shaker on a stick, while the term “shaker” really applies to any resonant container with beads inside. The “beads” inside a rattle can be any small hard pieces such as rocks, seeds, grains, cactus spines, pieces of plastic, etc.

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