Crystal Bowl-Infused Shamanic Sound Journey with Didge Project


Didge Project’s Jerry Walsh and AJ Block got together to demo our new colored crystal bowl set with a 17 minute outdoor sound journey that you can enjoy in 4k resolution. In addition to our new color frosted crystal singing bowl set, AJ and Jerry busted out the didgeridoo, shaman drum, shruti box, throat singing and more for this video.

Some photos from our video shoot:


Crystal Singing Bowls are some of the most popular sound healing instruments these days since they hold such a big sound. We were super impressed by the versatility of this set, which features 7 bowls tuned to A = 440 hz and has the 7 notes of the C Major scale.

If you do any sort of work where you are holding sonic space for people, as a yoga teacher, healer, meditation facilitator, then having crystal singing bowls will definitely take your offering to a higher level.

Order the Color Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set here:

For more information about Crystal Singing Bowls in general, watch this video:

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