How To Use Energy Chimes In Sound Baths and Healing Sessions


Energy chimes are highly resonant instruments comprised of aluminum bars strung over wooden blocks. Emitting high frequencies rich in harmonics, energy chimes can fit in with many different instruments as they pierce through other sounds, often being heard clearly even when a lot of other instruments are being played. Energy chimes have become a staple instrument in our sound baths with Dream Seed as they seem to be handy instruments for transitioning from one array of instruments to another. They are a great opening instrument to play when coming out of complete silence, as they are so pleasant on the ears. They are amazing to hold in the hand and walk around the room with, allowing us to easily wave these beautiful frequencies towards each individual participant.

Energy Chimes can be used in a number of ways for healing work:

  • They can be played in harmony with other instruments such as crystal bowls, shruti boxes, didgeridoos, handpans and other instruments that establish a sonic environment.
  • You can hold one in one hand and the mallet in the other, tap the bar with the mallet and wave it around the recipient.
  • You can hold 2 to 4 chimes in one hand and play them while waving them around a person.
  • You can put one chime on each side of a supine person’s head and tap the chimes lightly to create a stereo effect
  • You can put them on top of a supine person’s energy centers associated with the chakras and play them (see photo below)
Demonstration of using energy chimes on the chakras, or energy centers, of a recipient.

Ultimately there are no rules about how to play energy chimes correctly, however it is good to be mindful to not strike them too hard near a person’s ear. This can create stark swells of sound that could be painful to the ear drum. Master energy chime maker and healer Elvina Munir recommends to let the mallet simply drop onto the aluminum bar and not to forcibly hit it, especially when in close proximity to a person.

We guarantee you’ve never heard energy chimes that have such resonant  long-sustaining vibrato as the Elfen Harmonics energy chimes. The set featured in this video, the Elfen Chakra Chimes, is built in the C Major scale (plus a low A) and tuned in the A = 432 hz tuning system. See our video on doing healing work with energy chimes:

For more info on energy chimes, be sure to watch our video above and check out the Elfen Chakra Chimes now available in the Didge Project store.


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