Premium Courses

The following courses are multiple hours in length and go deep into the study of musical practice.

It’s All About Rhythm with Kevin Nathaniel

Learn the essentials of musical rhythm with world renowned master musician Kevin Nathaniel. Course includes 48 video play along exercises, 20-page eBook, online member forum and more!

overtone throat singing course
Overtone Throat Singing Course with Jerry Walsh

Our feature-length course teaches the technique required for 5 different styles of throat singing.

Circular Breathing Course with over 20 videos, classes and eBook

Circular Breathing Mastery Program

A great class for anyone who wants to learn circular breathing on didgeridoo or any wind instrument.

Didgeridoo Skills Course

An intermediate level didgeridoo course that focuses on rhythms, musicality and playing with other people.

Didge For Sleep

A method designed to help people with snoring, sleep apnea and other related conditions to rest and breathe better at night. Available in digital and physical editions, with or without a travel didgeridoo.

RAV Drum & Handpan Composition Course RAV Drum & Handpan Composition Course

A workshop on how to utilize pan drums to compose music, play rhythms and jam with other people.

Free Courses

These courses are generally 20-45 minutes in length and are available to you at no cost!


Intro to Overtone Throat Singing

A primer in throat singing basics. Highly recommended for people new to throat singing.



Didgeridoo Fundamentals

Our absolute beginner’s class for anyone starting out with the didgeridoo. Highly recommended for new players.

World Rhythms For Didgeridoo

A free intermediate-level class that will get you playing some of the most common popular world music rhythms on the didgeridoo.




Hand Drum Basics

A great starting point for anyone who wants to play hand drums such as djembe, conga, bongo, etc. Taught by Matt Bazgier.

Expanding Lung Capacity 

Learn how to take in more air and expand your throat so that you can play wind instruments for longer and stronger.