Didgeridoo-Fundamentals-course-button Didgeridoo Fundamentals is a FREE online course that will give you the skills necessary to sound great on the didge and to understand what it take to master circular breathing. Much of what we cover in this class are strength building exercises and best of all, you do not need a didgeridoo to take this course! If you have one, even better. Through a combination of audio, video and worksheets you will be guided through a number of approaches to enhance your didgeridoo playing.

This course, led by Didge Project’s AJ Block and Jerry Walsh, will benefit all levels of didgeridoo players, starting off new players with good habits and helping experienced players get a better sound and learn ways to practice circular breathing. AJ and Jerry have combined the knowledge gained from working with many didgeridoo players and put together this program to help beginning and intermediate didgeridoo players progress faster.

During this class you will learn:

*Keys to breathing with strong air support.
*How to expand your lung capacity.
*How to identify a good didgeridoo sound.
*How to begin training for circular breathing.
*How to stay relaxed while playing.
*How to develop a resilient respiratory system for the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea and asthma.
*The #1 secret to playing rhythmically on didgeridoo.

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