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Nitrided Steel Handpans vs. Stainless Steel Handpans: The Differences and Similarities (plus Octave-Steel Tongue...

In this video we look at the difference between what are often regarded as the two top quality handpan materials: stainless steel and nitrided...

Facilitate Sound Baths and Sound Healing Sessions with These 20 Instruments

We are all called to sound for different reasons. Some of us seek it out for entertainment, some for relaxation or meditation, some of...

Professional Handsfree Didgeridoo Stands now available in the US and Worldwide

Play it standing or sitting, free your hands to play other instruments, mount it on stage, or bring it to a drum circle: anywhere...

Learn African Rhythms with It’s All About Rhythm’s Kevin Nathaniel

In this rhythm tutorial we show you everything you need to level up your rhythm by learning syncopated rhythms known as claves. What is...

Dream Seed Sound Healer Training Program 2023-2024: A 9-Month Intensive In-Person in NYC and...

A 9-Month, 130 Hour In-Person and Online Training October 2023 to June 2024 All events in-person at Golden Drum except the Shamanic Sound Practitioner’s Weekend with...
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING

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