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Didgeridoo Throat Singing in the Snow!

Snow day fun with throat singing, djembe and didgeridoo! For more videos like this, follow us on social media: Personnel and crew: Jerry Walsh - Throat Singing...
rav drum rav vast usa us handpan for sale buy order f# in sen

RAV Drum’s 2 New Advanced Scales, F# In Sen & G Humayun, and new...

The always innovative team at RAV Labs has put together some fine new product for us pan drum lovers. It's new F# In Sen...

Chromatic Mallet Harp Demo & Review: An Amazing Xylophone with Full Piano/Keyboard Layout

The Chromatic Mallet Harp may very well be the only xylophone a musician ever needs. This is AJ from Didge Project here, and I...
learn music practice

6 Ways To Learn Music When You Think You Don’t Know What to Practice...

If you are trying to learn music then it's more than likely that you've gotten to a place with your practice, at least at...

Frame Drum Rhythm Tutorial + How To Tune a Frame Drum

These two video tutorials by Tripp Dudley will get you off to a great start playing frame drums and frame percussion. By learning the...
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING

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