How To Do A Sound Healing Session: Techniques for bowls, gongs, flutes, chimes and more!


Sound Healer Training

Are you stepping into your sound healing journey and looking for some foundational information to help get you started?

Or maybe you have already been incorporating sound healing into your practice and are ready to start offering sessions to others.

In either case, we have a 30-minute Sound Healer Training video that can give you more information and practical tips on creating a safe and meditative space to offer the gift of sound.

In this video, Adrian DiMatteo shares basic information about how to use Sound Healing Instruments on and around the body and how to facilitate a space that encourages relaxation and healing. Adrian has a lot of expertise in this field, and what he shares is incredibly valuable if you are interested in doing sound healing work. Let us know in the comments what instruments you use for sound healing on yourself or others!

Watch the video here:

Some instruments featured in the video are available in our online store!

Koshi Chimes:

Native American Pentatonic Flute:

Mallet Harp Mini:

Meinl Shaker:

Shipibo Shamanic Rattle:

Shamanic Frame Drum #1:

Shamanic Frame Drum #2:

Crystal Bowl-Infused Shamanic Sound Journey with Didge Project


Didge Project’s Jerry Walsh and AJ Block got together to demo our new colored crystal bowl set with a 17 minute outdoor sound journey that you can enjoy in 4k resolution. In addition to our new color frosted crystal singing bowl set, AJ and Jerry busted out the didgeridoo, shaman drum, shruti box, throat singing and more for this video.

Some photos from our video shoot:


Crystal Singing Bowls are some of the most popular sound healing instruments these days since they hold such a big sound. We were super impressed by the versatility of this set, which features 7 bowls tuned to A = 440 hz and has the 7 notes of the C Major scale.

If you do any sort of work where you are holding sonic space for people, as a yoga teacher, healer, meditation facilitator, then having crystal singing bowls will definitely take your offering to a higher level.

Order the Color Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set here:

For more information about Crystal Singing Bowls in general, watch this video:

How To Do Deep Bass Throat Singing (from the Overtone Throat Singing Course)


In this video, Jerry Walsh shows you how to do the deep bass throat singing style known as “Kargyraa” in the tuvan language. Post below if you have any questions.

Check out the Overtone Throat Singing Course with Jerry Walsh, a course with over 2 hours of video content plus worksheets that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Overtone Throat Singing.

WoodSlide: The 12-Tone Professional Slide Didgeridoo


The WoodSlide didgeridoo was created out of a dream to be able to play the didgeridoo drone in any of the 12 standard keys of western music, all on one instrument. Using a double slide mechanism, one slide made of wood, and one made of brass, this assembly will enable you to cover the whole chromatic range necessary to play in any key.

WoodSlide didgeridoos are professional quality instruments used by touring musicians around the world. Each instrument is handcrafted and tuned by master craftsman Jean-Yves Redor in France.

The older Woodslide model (with a range of 7 notes instead of the current design of 12 notes) was also featured in our Didgeridoo Comparison:


Check out the WoodSlide didgeridoo in the Didge Project store!

Saxo-Didge: The most precisely tuned didgeridoo you will find anywhere


We are so excited to present to you The Saxo-Didge! With its unique shape, the Saxo-Didge is equipped with a deep and rich drone, enhanced wobble and vocal effect, and precision tuned trumpets that form perfect arpeggios. Model featured in this video: The Major Saxo-Didge.

***Order your Saxo-Didge with a 10% DISCOUNT. Go to and use coupon code: Didge Project

***Didgeridoo Player T-shirt featured in this video

How to Play Chord Changes on Handpan featuring Meinl Sensory Handpan D Kurd 9

Learn to play chord changes on handpan so you can play along with guitarists, pianists, compose your own music that works with musicians on any instrument!

Gear used in this video:

This video features our debut of the Meinl Sensory Handpan in D Kurd! This handmade stainless steel drum features 9 tone fields that produce an open, velvety sound. The notes are laid out in an accessible pattern, which ensures that anyone can pick up a Sensory Handpan and start playing right away — regardless of musical experience. The Meinl Sensory Handpan also has some unique features which set it apart from other handpans, which you will see in this video.

Meinl Sensory Handpan D Kurd 9

Notes: (D) A Bb C D E F G A

Scale tones: (1) 5 b6 b7 1 2 b3 4 5

RAV Pan F Pygmy (with underside notes) Demo & Review


A new addition to the Didge Project store: the RAV Pan F Pygmy! This pan has two bottom notes on the underside of the drum that make this drum really special. This scale is almost identical to the F Astronaut Rav Vast, a beautiful scale that we love to play. Enjoy this RAV Vast F Pygmy demonstration and let us know what you think!

***Order the RAV Pan F Pygmy

RAV Pan F Pygmy scale tones and notes info:

Notes: F3 G3 Ab3 C4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5 Db3 Eb3

Scale tones: 1 2 b3 5 b6 1 2 b3 5 b6 b7

How To Add A Beeswax Didgeridoo Mouthpiece To Any Didgeridoo


Are you having trouble locking the seal on your didgeridoo mouthpiece? Are you looking for a comfortable and hygienic mouthpiece for your didgeridoo and guidance on how to apply it? Look no further; we’ve got you covered with this beeswax didgeridoo mouthpiece tutorial.

Here’s what you do to apply the beeswax didgeridoo mouthpiece

you have to heat up the beeswax (but not too much), then get the wax in your hands and start shaping it onto the mouthpiece. Focus on the inner seal first by pressing down into the bore of the didgeridoo. Then, once you’ve got a good inner seal, start pressing around the top of the beeswax and the outside to make a nice surface for your mouth to rest on. It’s much easier to see in video, so check out the beeswax didgeridoo mouthpiece tutorial video above and try it out!

Click here to order your beeswax mouthpiece


Bamboo Pan Flute Played with Beatboxing (plus an overview of pan flute features)


The Bamboo Pan Flute, also known as the “antara” is one of our favorite instruments at Didge Project, and we are happy to have them available now in our store. These are traditional instruments to the people of the Andes and have been played ceremonially for generations. Made by the family of Grammy award nominee and Peruvian Master of Sound Tito La Rosa, check out these pan flutes and how we like to incorporate them into our music-making.

Order this Bamboo Pan Flute here:

Bamboo Overtone Flutes: Demo and Review of the La Rosa Abuelo Flutes from Perú


Here is a favorite instrument of ours, the Abuelo Flute, a bamboo overtone flute made by the family Peruvian Master of Sound, Tito La Rosa. The Abuelo flute is known as the Grandfather flute or the flute of the ancestors. When playing this flute ceremonially, it can be used to activate different centers of the body and bring you into balance on many levels. Playing the bamboo overtone flute requires very little technical skill and is very easy to play. You can achieve different tones by the amount of air pressure you blow into the flute. This flute always stands out and will become one of your favorites to play, too.

The Bamboo Overtone Flute comes in the keys of A, F, and D.

***Order the Abuelo Flute here:

Flute of the Ancestors (Abuelo Flute) by La Rosa Flutes

(2 customer reviews)


SKU: N/A Category: Tag:


The Flute of the Ancestors, also known as the Abuelo Flute, is a traditional Andean-style bamboo overtone flute made by La Rosa Flutes, the company founded by master Andean flute player Tito La Rosa. Description for this instrument given by its designer, Tito La Rosa:

“The Flute of the Ancestors gives you strength to elevate yourself. It is not simply a flute; it is a staff of power. It can accompany your dance, remind you of your origins and also make sound. It’s characteristic is to produce harmonics over a fundamental sound. Over this fundamental sound it creates harmonics upward, but it always returns to the mother sound [the tonic] which is found in the middle, below and also above. There may be 5, 6 or occasionally 7 harmonics. This is called the Flute of the Grandfathers because it is played by the elder people of the community. It is a masculine instrument, different from the mama quena [another flute made by La Rosa Flutes and coming soon to Didge Project] which corresponds to the feminine. This works more on your masculine lineage, your roots and that to which you pertain. Its nature is to connect you to your ancestors.”

Watch the full abuelo flute demo and review by Didge Project’s Jerry Walsh


Watch video of Tito La Rosa explaining and playing the abuelo flute (video in Spanish, skip to 04:16 to hear him play):

Watch video of Jerry Walsh using the abuelo flute in his live loop station set:


The abuelo flute has no finger holes and the variations in tone are created by the force of the breath.

Backorders take 3-6 weeks

Approximate dimensions (subject to slight variation) of the Flute of the Ancestors:

  • Key of D: 49″ length, 1.5″ diameter
  • Key of F: 42″ length, 1.5″ diameter
  • Key of A: 38” length, 1.3” diameter

Backorders take 3-6 week

The Abuelo Flute was featured in our video “Ten Musical Instruments You Should Know”:

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

D, F, A, C#, G, F#

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