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Travel Didgeridoo with Padded Carrying Bag – Lightweight and Versatile


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The Travel Didgeridoo is a highly versatile design and the most compact on the market! Fully assembled it is 66″, when taken apart only 18″. The 4.5″ bell allows the sound to project and it still packs away into a standard size backpack!


Comes with a no fuss silicone mouthpiece. It screws apart into 4 pieces that nest together for easy, compact carrying. It features adjustable fittings that allow you to play in 4 different keys (D, D sharp, E, or F).


  • 1 Travel Didgeridoo
  • Padded Travel Bag

*This is the same didgeridoo that comes with the Didge For Sleep Introductory Package. This item does not include the Didge For Sleep DVD and Handbook. For the full Didge For Sleep Introductory Package, click here.

Why purchase a travel didgeridoo?

One of the biggest issues for didgeridoo players is how to travel with their instruments. Carrying a long stick on a plane can be a hassle, especially if you are going somewhere to play purely for yourself. By having a light-weight collapsible didgeridoo in a compact bag, you can go places without making a big scene or bumping into random people and things.

Best of all, this travel didgeridoo sounds fantastic. We highly recommend this instrument for its versatility of notes (playable in 4 different keys) and its loud clear sound, thanks to its tapered shape. Be not limited by the size of the didgeridoo: once you get a travel didge you can take your instrument wherever you go!

Replacement mouthpieces available here


 Key: D, D sharp, E, or F
 Top (outer):  1.75″
 Bell (outer): 4.5″
 Height: 66″ | Weight: 2 lbs. with bag
 Collapses to: 18″
 Experience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
 Mouthpiece: silicone
 Material: durable plastic

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions22 × 6 × 6 in


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