The Sansula Kalimba is a must-have for Sound Healers – Hokema Sansula Demo & Review


The Hokema Sansula Kalimba is a must-have instrument for anyone involved in sound healing, sound meditation, shamanic music and other meditative music making. Incredibly fun to play too! There is no wrong combination of notes. Check out the 3 models in this video: Hokema Sansula Basic, Hokema Sansula Renaissance & Hokema Sansula Deluxe.

Wa-wa sound effects are also possible. See video to hear samples of this super cool effect.

*Order Hokema Sansula Kalimba in all 3 models:

Standard A Minor tuning of the Hokema Sansula:
Notes: A C C A A F E E B
Scale Tones: 1 b3 b3 1 1 b6 5 5 2

This standard A Minor Hokema Sansula works perfectly with the following instruments:
RAV Vast A Integral
Aura Handpan A Kronos
Mallet Harp: Portable Xylophone

Three Hokema Sansula Models available: Sansula Basic, Sansula Renaissance & Sansula Deluxe. Visit for full details.


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