Home handpan Aura Handpan (various scales): Raw Steel
Evatek cases are custom fit to Aura Handpans.
Evatek cases are custom fit to Aura Handpans.

Aura Handpan (various scales): Raw Steel



Add an Evatek backpack-style hardshell carrying case specially fitted for Aura handpans.

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Aura Handpans are premium quality metal instruments that carry a professional sound. Made in New Jersey by John Antzoulis, Aura handpans come in a variety of scales.

The Aura handpans supplied by Didge Project are made of raw steel (as opposed to nitrided or stainless steel), making these instruments more affordable and accessible to a wider group of people. Available in 7 or 8-note varieties.

Maker John Antzoulis provides free tuning for the life of the instrument (owner is responsible for getting the instrument to and from his place in New Jersey).

Evatek hardshell backpack-style carrying cases, custom fit to Aura Handpans, are available as an add-on to this item.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in

G Oxalis 8, D Kurd 8, F Low Pygmy 8, C Big Bear 7, D Celtic Minor 8, B Celtic Minor 8, F Pygmy 8, A Kronos 8, D Mystic 7, C# Sapphire 8


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