A Nearly Perfect Sound Healing Instrument: The Mallet Harp Mini


The Mallet Harp Mini is a portable xylophone that is super lightweight, sounds incredible and comes at a great price ($195 at time of writing). Play it handheld or put it down to use its built in acoustic wah-wah effect. Great for healing sessions, sound baths, jam sessions and for just having fun! This sound healing instrument is great for kids as they can play along, bang on it as hard as they want with the mallets while only bringing harmonious sounds into the space. A wonderful sound healing instrument for all ages!

*Order Mallet Harp Mini here

Check out the Mallet Harp Mini from different angles:

Is the Mallet Harp Mini a perfect sound healing instrument? Only you can be the judge. Pick one up today and try for yourself. Then post a comment below to let us know how you like it.

Special thanks to Hannah Apollonia and Adrian DiMatteo for lending their talents to the Mallet Harp Mini video review.

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