10 Powerful Sound Healing Instruments: An In-Depth Demonstration


Looking to add some deeply relaxing sounds to your set up? In this video with Adrian DiMatteo and Hannah Apollonia, we cover 10 categories of sound healing instruments. Adrian and Hannah are members of the Dream Seed shamanic sound healing ensemble and have years of experience using music for meditation, healing and spiritual practice. This is by no means an exhaustive list of instruments that can be used for sound healing, however this is a great overview of some of the tools that can be accessible to anyone at any budget.

Adrian plays the crystal pyramid over Hannah’s head

Instruments mentioned in this video available in the Didge Project store:

Abuelo Flute: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…

Wave Drum: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…

Koshi Chimes: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…

Mallet Harp: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…

RAV Vast: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/rav

Meinl Tongue Drum: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…

Crystal Singing Bowls: https://www.didgeproject.com/product/…


Adrian DiMatteo: https://adriandimatteo.com/

Hannah Apollonia: https://hannahapollonia.bandcamp.com/

Dream Seed Shamanic Sound Ensemble: https://www.dreamseedsound.com/



0:57 Abuelo Flute

4:33 Ocean/Wave Drum

6:06 Crystal Harp

9:19 Koshi Chimes

12:19 Rain Stick

14:52 Tongue Drums

18:32 Metal Singing Bowls

22:52 Crystal Pyramid

25:40 Tuning Forks

29:48 Crystal Singing Bowls

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