Handpan w/Full Band: RAV Drum & Mallet Harp Meet Electric Guitar & Bass (RAV Blues Scale)


What’s up everybody? AJ here from Didge Project wishing you a happy day!

Recently I got to play some super cool instruments, the Chromatic Mallet Harp and the RAV G Humayun, with two excellent musicians, Adrian DiMatteo and Mike Fisher on Electric Guitar and Bass. These videos were a joy to make as we featured these exciting new instruments in a live jam session context.

The Chromatic Mallet Harp has seriously become my go to instrument when playing music with friends. I personally prefer the Chromatic Mallet Harp over any handpan, because it has all 12 tones from the western musical scale. So I’m getting that really sweet Mallet Harp sound but I can play along with almost any chord changes and jump in with a lot of different songs. Of course, I have a background in piano playing and music theory, so that really helps and makes this instrument perfectly suited to my skill set.

The RAV G Humayun, however, is a whole different animal. It’s got this really sweet middle-eastern sound and the vibe it creates is so different than any music I have ever played. It’s like I am automatically thrown into a mystical jam session and I can only imagine how many possibilities there are with this instrument.

Last but not least, I got to have my first ever blues jam session on the RAV Vast C Blues and RAV Vast D Blues scales. These instruments were super fun to play and Adrian DiMatteo and I were able to use them to create a bunch of different blues textures in combination with the electric guitar. Check out the video below.

As always, thanks for tuning in and looking forward to seeing you soon!

AJ Block



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