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Circular Breathing Course with over 20 videos, classes and eBook

Circular Breathing Mastery Program




Learn to Play Didgeridoo and Master the Technique of Circular Breathing

***Downloadable Video/Audio Course***

Course Includes:

  • Three 2-Hour Classes with Didge Project’s AJ Block
  • Circular Breathing Mastery Ebook
  • Videos of Over 20 Techniques and Exercises

This program will help you move beyond the foundational techniques of didgeridoo playing and give you everything you need to master circular breathing. It includes live and recorded training sessions, step-by-step practice worksheets not available elsewhere, and a rich, supportive community of people with the desire to learn to play the instrument, all designed to challenge you to believe in yourself, get you to master the didgeridoo and break through to exciting new levels of musicality, confidence, and more. This program is led by the Didge Project‘s AJ Block.

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