6 Clapping Exercises to Improve Your Rhythm with Kevin Nathaniel


Clapping, stepping and dancing through rhythms is one of the best ways to internalize them and develop your musical sense of timing. In this video Afro-Roots musician Kevin Nathaniel shows us a few rhythm exercises ranging from simple to complex, taken from our full length course, It’s All About Rhythm.

Kevin recommend that if you are playing an instrument, try playing the instrument and walking, try playing the instrument and scatting (singing) rhythms at the same time, even try walking, playing and scatting at the same time. Then go back to the single activity of playing. If you add these elements to it, its going to expand your process and then when you are dealing with the more simple focus of practicing a rhythm, you will feel a little more at home. Something from your expanded, multi-modal practice will be translated back into your more focused practice.

Want a printable worksheet with the exercises shown in this video? Coming soon!

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My name is Kevin Nathaniel and I was born in Detroit, Michigan, which is Motown, a musical mecca. Growing up in Detroit I heard music everywhere, but I didn’t think I was going to play music because there were so many incredible musicians around at the time and I didn’t think I could do what they were doing. It wasn’t until I was practically out of college where I had some experiences listening to music coming out of Africa, and something told me I need to play music, I need to start playing, I had to start learning and get involved with instruments and making instruments. So the first instruments I got involved with playing and making were mbiras, aka kalimbas. I started building and playing these instruments and that was a path for me. From there I began to learn more about other instruments. I played many different instruments throughout my reach so far, but it started out with what sort of door opened when I got involved with mbira music and especially mbira music out of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe which took me into all sorts of other kinds of music. So that's where I started. Check out Kevin’s personal website at kevinnathaniel.com