5 New Scales on the Hokema Sansula


In this video we demonstrate and explain 5 great new scales on the Hokema Sansula, all of which are now available in the Didge Project store. We chose all of these scales because they stand alone as beautiful sounding instruments and also have a great range of compatibility, especially with some of our best selling RAV Drum scales:

  • D Major Sansula with RAV in B Kurd, B Celtic Minor, B RUS, D Major
  • A Major Sansula with RAV A Marmara
  • G Pygmy Sansula with RAV G Pygmy and G Minor Pentatonic
  • G Major Melody Sansula with RAV E Low Pygmy and C Golden Gate

Check out the full C Minor Sansula Djembe jam by Matt Bazgier on Soundcloud

We say the scales are “new” because they are new to our store!

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