Airdidge Slide & Tune Adaptor allows you to play in all 12 keys


The company behind our favorite lightweight compact didgeridoo, Airdidge, has released a new accessory that makes the instrument extremely versatile. The Slide & Tune Adaptor for Airdidge allows the player to fine tune the key of the instrument, allowing for playing in all 12 keys, tuning in 432hz tuning, and even more options.

In this video Jerry Walsh demonstrates 7 keys (A through E) that this slide adaptor allows your Airdidge to play in. Since making the video, we confirmed that all 12 keys are attainable with this adaptor. Also shown in the video is the 30mm (1.18 inches) red mouthpiece insert, which makes the diameter of the mouthpiece slightly smaller. This insert is also available in a 28mm (1.1 inches) white version.

All About Airdidge

Airdidge Best Travel Didgeridoo carbon fiber travel didge
airdidge schematic

Airdidge: Carbon Fiber Telescoping Didgeridoo for Travel


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Add any of these accessories to your Airdidge purchase and no additional shipping will be charged for the accessories.

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Ultra light weight and ideal for travel

Airdidge is the first carbon fiber telescoping didgeridoo designed for the traveling musician. With a weight of 1.2 lbs and a packed length of 14.57 inches, this instrument is the ideal companion for traveling. Fully extended, the Airdidge measures 73 inches and plays in the key of Bb. When the largest piece is removed, this didgeridoo plays in the key of C#. Remove the second largest piece and it plays in the key of E.

Add the Slide & Tune Adaptor to make your Airdidge play in all 12 keys.

Full Airdidge Video Review here:


This carbon fiber telescoping didgeridoo is designed in Switzerland, super easy to clean, and guaranteed to satisfy.

Includes 2 endcaps for travel, plastic removable mouthpiece and travel bag (as shown in photo).

Plays in the keys of Bb, C# and E

Instrument Weight: 1.2 lbs
Packed length: 14.57 inches
Extended length: 73 inches (5 feet, 3 inches)

Shipping weight: 3 lbs

As featured in our Travel Didgeridoo Comparison video:

See Airdidge in action in our Didgeridoo Beatbox Tutorial:

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Airdidge is made up of 6 conical pieces and a mouthpiece. These conical pieces are designed to be inserted into each other with the taper going in the same direction. If accidentally inserted improperly, with one or more pieces in the wrong direction, there is a risk that the pieces may get stuck. If you force these pieces in, they will almost certainly get stuck and will be difficult to remove. The pieces should slide in effortlessly. See diagram at the top of this page for proper assembly.

Accessories available:

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 in


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