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airdidge slide tune adaptor
airdidge slide tune adaptor

Slide & Tune Adaptor for Airdidge


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This addition to the Airdidge allows for precise tuning in almost any key. At the low end, this adaptor allows you to tune your didge to low A. By sliding this piece and successively removing segments from the bell-end of the Airdidge, all 12 musical keys can be achieved. The best sounding keys using this piece are the keys of A through E (which are A, A# aka Bb, B, C, C# aka Db, D, D# aka Eb, and E).

Note from Didge Project’s AJ Block

“I started using the Airdidge and struggled to tune it to different keys by sliding the pieces it came with. however, since I got the Slide & Tune Adaptor, I have been able to play the Airdidge in any key I need and the results have been fantastic. the backpressure added to the instrument is very good as well. basically this piece makes the Airdidge have twice the value, because it is a highly portable didge that can now play in any key.”


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in


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