Improve Your Rhythm With Vocal Exercises – Glen Velez @ Tribal Rhythms Gathering 2018


Improve your rhythm with these fun singing and clapping exercises!

Glen Velez is truly a master of the frame drum and he is also an excellent teacher of rhythms for musicians of all levels. I think everyone had a blast taking his workshop at Tribal Rhythms Gathering 2018 which covered vocal rhythm, which we will go through in this video, then went into stepping, clapping, playing rattles and frame drums, all while singing throughout.

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Question of the day: What is your #1 challenge with rhythm? Write your answer in the comments section below and I will do my best to respond to every sincere answer.

On behalf of Didge Project, I want give a huge thanks to Glen Velez and to you, our viewers. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and we will see you in the next one.


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Camera by Kyle Martin and Karma Hallmark

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  1. Love your videos mate. Tnx so much
    I am raw and a beginner. Which class do recommend ? Love to hear back from you
    Or 760.803.5563

    Really appreciate your response. I have been doing the breathing x and but can’t get the nose breath with the exhale breath. You know what I mean and what I need.



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