Didgeridoo Beatbox Tutorial: 3 Essential Rhythms


In this didgeridoo beatbox tutorial video, Didge Project’s Jerry Walsh demonstrates how to play 3 basic beatboxing rhythms for the didgeridoo. What’s great about these rhythms is that they do not require circular breathing, so even if you haven’t mastered circular breathing yet, you can pick up the instrument right away and begin to play.

What is didgeridoo beatboxing?

Didgeridoo beatboxing is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of the arts of didgeridoo playing and beatboxing. To practice didgeridoo beatboxing, one must have skills in both beatboxing and didgeridoo playing as separate arts, and then combine them to create a unified didgeridoo beatbox sound. Many exponents of didgeridoo beatboxing draw influence from popular music genres such as hip-hop, rock, dubstep and R&B. As artists, didgeridoo beatboxers are great at synthesizing music across genres.

In this video, Jerry Walsh demonstrates many of the basic sounds used in the didgeridoo beatbox art form, and shows how to combine these sounds in time to create specific rhythms, or “beats.”

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