Burru, Afro-Jamaican Djembe Rhythm with Joakim Lartey @ Tribal Rhyhtm Gathering 2018


Burru is a super fun Pan-African rhythm with a number of variations that can be played. It is commonly used in Jamaica as a dance and ceremonial rhythm.

The simple way to write the Burru rhythm is:

B B  TT B B TTTT (where B is bass and T is tone).

See video for more info on how to play the Burru rhythm.

Joakim Lartey is a drummer/percussionist, storyteller, educator and sound designer. He was co-founder, lead singer and percussionist of Woodstock’s Futu Futu. He is engaged in a lifelong exploration of recording technology and the fusion of traditional/ancient and contemporary musical forms. He has collaborated/played with Natalie Merchant, Jack DeJohnette, John Hall, Baba Olatunji among others. He currently performs with the duo Joakim & Chris [with guitarist Chris Lane] and The Sonark Trio [with multi instrumentalist Thomas Workman and cellist Gabriel Dresdale]

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