The Mallet Harp: An Amazing Sounding Portable Xylophone


This video is filled with mallet percussion exercises on one of the most beautiful sounding, portable mallet percussion instruments: the mallet harp! It’s in the A Minor Pentatonic scale, so you really don’t need to know anything about music theory to make it sound great. There are no wrong notes!

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A fun, easy to play instrument for all ages, the mallet harp brings the joy of music to beginners and experienced musicians alike. With numerous applications, the mallet harp is ideal for music therapy, stress relief, sound healing, childhood development, emotional health and overall wellness. The A minor pentatonic scale creates beautiful melodies and harmonies, no matter what sequence the notes are played in. This makes it so that the player does not need to know music theory or even what notes they are playing at any given moment to make great sounds.

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  • 11 notes, spanning two full octaves from A3 to A5
  • 1” aluminum resonating bars mounted on plastic body
  • Includes two mallets
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be played while holding in one hand, laying on a flat surface or mounted to a stand
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • no tuning necessary
  • no moving parts
  • Well-built and long lasting

Can be used by:

  • Young children
  • Music therapists
  • Sound healers
  • Musicians of all levels
  • People with special needs
  • Music teachers

Scale: A Minor Pentatonic
Notes: A C D E G A C D E G A
Scale tones: 1 b3 4 5 b7 1 b3 4 5 b7 1

weight: 5 lbs.
length: 16.5″
width: 16.5″
height: 5”

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AJ Block is the director of Didge Project and is active as a didgeridoo teacher and performer. In addition to didgeridoo, AJ has spent years studying music traditions from all over the world including jazz (trombone and piano), western classical music, Indian Classical Music, guitar and world percussion. AJ has developed a number of programs for Didge Project including The ABCs of Didgeridoo, The Didgeridoo Skills Course, and Circular Breathing Mastery. He is also the author of Didge For Sleep, a didgeridoo learning method designed specifically for people with Sleep Apnea. As a performer AJ is the leader of the Didge Project Music Collective and a member of Dream Seed: A Shamanic Sound Journey. AJ is a founding member of Sacred Arts Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of sacred art traditions through education, ritual and study. As a student of spiritual teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino AJ is an active member of the Golden Drum community.