Sound Healer Training in NYC with Dream Seed, March 25, 2023



The Sound Healer Training with Dream Seed will provide participants with hands-on experience using sound for healing and well-being. Participants will receive training in a variety of sound healing modalities and will walk away with the skills and knowledge to be able to incorporate sound into healing sessions and meditative environments. We will work with instruments, the voice and sounds from around the world to develop a relationship with sound as a practice for developing consciousness, meditation, deep relaxation, healing, and prayer.


Throughout the course of this training, we will focus on various exercises to learn more about sound healing through intention setting, listening, giving, receiving, and developing our intuition in relationship to sound. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring their own sound healing instruments. Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, shakers, chimes, shamanic drums, and other instruments from around the world will be available for participants to utilize and a variety of sound-healing instruments will also be available for sale.



Event Details

Location: Golden Drum, 97 Green St. #G1, Brooklyn, NY 12428

Time/Date: Saturday, March 25, 10am-8pm. (Optional sound bath the night of Friday, March 24 is not included with registration).

Registration and more info:

What is sound healing and what is it used for?

Souned is our essence. We are vibration. Sound is one of the prominent medicines of the Aquarian Age. The world is waking up to “new age” therapies rooted in sound and vibration that are in fact ancient. Sound rituals have been an integral part of indigenous and spiritual traditions and cultures worldwide for thousands of years. In every indigenous culture, it is deeply understood that sound is an essential element of creation and well-being. Today, science is catching up to this understanding and sound is growing as a mainstream therapeutic practice for consciousness, healing, and wellbeing.

About Dream Seed


Dream Seed is a sound healing collective created by members of Golden Drum, Sacred Arts Research Foundation, and Didge Project. As students of Maestro Manuel Rufino, the members of Dream Seed are dedicated to the study and preservation of the sacred traditions of humanity and the continued exploration of sound as a healing modality of the Aquarian Age. Dream Seed studies and works with indigenous and traditional elders, continuously seeking to expand their knowledge of sound and healing as universal methods of cultivating harmony, peace, and well-being.


Members of Dream Seed conducting the Sound Healer Training include Brooke Gillespie, AJ Block, Matt Canale, Xango Shola, Jerry Walsh, Ixchel Prisma, Nicole Adriana Casanova, Mateusz Bazgier, Michael Fisher & Hannah Apollonia. Visit Dream Seed on the web at:

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