The Magic of the Didgeridoo: An Interactive Presentation for Schools


The Magic of the Didgeridoo is an interactive presentation with Didge Project’s AJ Block that gets students clapping, singing, dancing and making lots of didgeridoo sounds. Buzzing the lips, breathing in different rhythms and imitating the “animal sounds” of the didgeridoo are a few of the many engaging techniques students experience.

Included in this presentation is a background of the Aboriginal Australian culture surrounding the didgeridoo and how the instrument is created. The original didgeridoos were eucalyptus logs hollowed out by termites, and students receive a vivid picture of what this is like.

In addition to The Magic of the Didgeridoo, Didge Project offers Make and Play Didgeridoo Workshops for students, who will create, learn to play, and take home their very own plastic didgeridoo.

Book The Magic of the Didgeridoo and other activities for your school, library, community center, camp or youth group by writing to or calling 347-871-3866.

Video edited by Narin Kerim

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