RAV Vast RUS Scale (A Minor) Product Demo: RAV Universal Scale


The RAV Universal Scale in A Minor, usually referred to as the “RUS” is a beautiful sounding instrument which is notable for its sustain effects. Listen in this video as you hear the notes ringing out and the effect they have over the long period of fading out.

The notes of the RAV Vast RUS are:
(A) C E G A B C D E

In scale tones relative to the key of A, the notes are:
1 b3 5 b7 1 2 b3 4 5

Note that the third and seventh scale tones are both flat, meaning they are each a half step lower than the major third and major seventh (which derive from the major scale) respectively.

The RAV Vast A RUS RAV Universal Scale, other RAV Drums and RAV instrument cases are available for purchase at the Didge Project store.

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