RAV Vast Arabian Nights Review and Demo


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Hey guys, this is Jerry Walsh here from Didge Project and today we’re going to be checking out the new Rav Drum scale, B Arabian Nights, aka “RAV Vast Arabian Nights”. This is a very mystical, eerie kind of beautiful and haunting scale based off of kind of Middle Eastern Flair and vibe. It’s really fun to play and I really love the energy it brings. It is super unique among the RAV scales. It really encapsulates the title of it of, “Arabian Nights.” It’s a great name for it. I particularly really like these top three highest notes I just think they really bring you into that kind of interesting energy that the scale has. The color of it sounds like you’re in a mystery movie or you’re traveling around on the Saharan dunes. This scale resonates with a lot of people and we highly recommend to check it out. I think you will enjoy it!

The RAV Vast Arabian Nights scale: (B2) F#3 G3 A#3 B3 C#4 D4 F4 F#4

Scale tones: (1) 5 b6 7 1 2 b3 b5 5

Here is the list of some chords you can play on the RAV Vast B Arabian Nights:

B Minor (B, D, F#)
F# Major (F#, A#, C#)
G Major (G, B, D)
A#/Bb Major (A#/Bb, D, F)
B Diminished (B, D, F)
D Major, no 5th (D, F#)
D Minor, no 5th (D, F)
C#/Db Major, no 5th (C#, F)

*Private RAV Drum lessons with Didge Project are available via skype anywhere in the world. Contact: aj@didgeproject.com

RAV Drum (aka RAV Vast) is a relatively new instrument that fuses the concepts behind handpans (hang drums) and tongue drums (traditionally made of wood). Perfectly cut steel tongues vibrate harmoniously together to create an ethereal sound perfect for meditation, relaxation, and other mystical music experiences. RAV was invented in 2013, the same year PanArt stopped making the Hang. RAV is from Russia with cut keys as opposed to the hammer tuned Hang drum, which is not cut or welded in anyway. The RAV has a deep resonance and profound reverb effect where the sound lasts for a long time while the Hang drum sound goes for a much shorter duration. This allows for a lot more space between strokes in the RAV because the sound carries so long without losing the rhythm, which can make for more experimental playing in some respects than the Hang or handpan. The fullness of the sound and the duration of each key stroke makes the instrument very meditative to play because it renders itself to slow playing but of course can also be played very quickly and rhythmically. The backside is not as accessible or resonant as a handpan but can still be played rhythmically. The price of a RAV is 1/3 the cost of a Hang and is also generally easier to play than the Hang for most people. It is also a much more durable and sturdy instrument. The handpan can be knocked out of tune with too hard of a hit and over time may need to get tuned up regardless while the Rav does not and is almost impossible to knock out of tune. The Rav also has harmonics beyond the fundamental key like the Hang/handpan and both are available through Didge Project for purchase at didgeproject.com/rav.

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Jerry Walsh is a musician and vocalist, weaving together ancient and otherworldly sounds from sacred traditions across the globe and creating shamanic sound journeys. He has collaborated with Merkaba (Kayla Scintilla), SriKala, Native American hip-hop artist Supaman, and American beatbox champion Mark Martin. He has been student of Taino elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino since 2012, studying the indigenous shamanic cultures of the Americas and other wisdom traditions. Jerry has traveled to 30 countries on five continents and spent a full year studying Buddhism and Himalayan culture in India, Nepal, and Bhutan from 2010-2011. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with the Golden Drum community when he is not on tour sharing music and meditation with partner, Ixchel Prisma.


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