Handpan vs. RAV Drum: One composition, two instruments


Ricky Hillson demonstrates the same composition on a B Celtic Minor RAV Vast and a B Celtic Minor RAVpan. This video is an excerpt from the RAV Drum and Handpan Composition Course, a 2 hour and 40 minute course taught by Ricky Hillson and now available as a Didge Project course.

Instruments featured in this video: RAV Vast B Celtic Minor (https://www.didgeproject.com/rav) and RAVpan B Celtic Minor

*Song featured at the end of the comparison video:

About Ricky Hillson:

Richard Hillson is a Multi instrumentalist, teacher and artisan, performing on Guitar, Handpan, Rav and a variety of World Instruments. As a Middle School teacher, he has witnessed, first hand, the power of introducing handpans and Ravs to a young audience. His core musical belief is that we are all inherently musicians and awakening our individuated abilities is often a life changing experience. While busking and performing over the last ten years, Ricky has developed a unique playing style, focusing on composition, and inspired by his passion for world music. He performs frequently in Massachusetts venues and offers lessons and musical performances electronically and in person.

Ricky Hillson Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuOo9YRG-x86-9rW8sBSr-Q

Ricky Hillson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rewildyoursoul/

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