The Best Handpan Videos of 2016 (Based on musical technique, composition and cinematography)

best handpan videos of 2016 daniel waples
Some of the best handpan videos of 2016 saw the instrument traveling to spectacular places.

Handpans are spreading all around the world and 2016 was an impressive year for the instrument. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of the best handpan videos that 2016 had to offer:


1. Sam Maher – Fremantle Handpan

Shot beautifully in HD, Sam Maher is a fantastic player who’s playing and composition are beyond words. Just listening to these sounds is a fantastic experience. Watch and enjoy.


2. Faizan – Hang in there (Hand pan) (HD)

A steady groove accompanied by stompbox and foot shaker. Yes please! Filmed on a beautiful pier site in Maldives.


3. 60 second Handpan Challenge 2.0 2016 Yuki Koshimoto

Yuki Koshimoto plays beautifully and with the special extra effects she runs the sound through, this performance is highly relaxing and enjoyable to watch. One of the best handpan videos to come out of the 60-second challenge.


4. Philippe Gagne – Tocka (Handpan & Harmonica)

We’ve heard quite a few combinations of handpan and other instruments but this harmonica really sings. Such a sweet combination of sound textures here by Philippe and doing it all at the same time is even more impressive.


5. Daniel Waples & Montry Thaalavattam live @ Griasdi HandPan Festival – Austria 2016

This video from the 2016 Griasdi HandPan Festival rocks! We love to dance and mixing in the handpan makes it all the better


6. Yatao | Prag | Handpan Duo

The rhythmic precision of this duo from Berlin is exceptional. Beautiful cinematography and great sounds.


7. Carol of The Bells by Vasilis Vasiliou

Vasilis Vasiliou gets points for sheer creativity, not only with his composition and music production but also with his amazing shots playing handpan in snowy locations. Not to mention actually sitting and playing in while its snowing out.

8. Bello Banff – A Time Lapse HandPan Video by Daniel Waples

Stunningly beautiful shots of one of North America’s greatest nature areas set the scene for some fine playing by Daniel Waples. One of the best handpan videos of 2016, this clip is destined to reach millions of people.


9. Nadishana @ Hang Out USA 2016: Improvisation on Logan Mini Handpan

When it comes to pure technical ability on handpan, Nadishana is one of the best. Demonstrating mastery over harmonics, finger rolls and other sounds you may not have ever heard come from a pan, here he makes it all look too easy.


10. NADAYANA – Towards the Light (Pantam /Handpan, Gong)

An ethereal piece of music accompanied by beautiful visuals. Artistically done and special bonus points for matching the tuning of gongs and handpans.


11. Bandgladesh Live at the Bubble in Hungary at Babel Sound Festival 2016

This Amsterdam-based handpan, trumpet, ngoni, percussion and vocal outfit puts together a unique blend of sounds. This whole concert is worth listening to.


12. “Golden Mutant” – Jan Borren Handpan by Kabeção

Not only do we LOVE seeing a 15-note handpan, but we are impressed by Kabeçāo’s technical facility and grace. Beautiful playing on a beautiful instrument. Where can we get one of these?

13. Hang Massive – Here Comes The Badger

This combination of Handpan duet with live electronics is super sweet. Well produced video and awesome sounds.


14. Mumi – The Four Seasons: Winter, Summer and Fall

Amazing arial videography combined with beautiful, subtle handpan playing make the 4 Seasons Series some of the best handpan videos, and certainly the best handpan cinematography, of 2016. We can’t wait for the release of the Spring video.


15. HALO OXALIS by Gabriele Pollina

We love seeing a player who can play fast and with a light touch. Gabriele Pollina does it all and makes it look easy.


15. 60 Sec Handpan “Multiplayer” Challenge – Adrian J Portia

Perhaps the best 1 minute of visual multi-tracked handpan around.


 16. Handpan Quito – Gustavo Simaan

Sometimes simplicity is key. Gustavo Simaan’s beautiful compositions with Quito, Ecuador as the backdrop make for an enjoyable audio-visual experience.

17. ‘Espelhos no Mar’ AsaChan Handpan – Kabeção

Kabeção is highly original in his compositions. His technique with finger rolls, friction drones and harmonics is off the charts.


Did we miss any of the best handpan videos of 2016? Tell us in the comments section below (make sure it is a 2016 video). If we like it enough we will add it to this list.


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