Live Didgeridoo Q&A #1 addressed circular breathing, choosing a didgeridoo, composing, layering sounds and more! (full video recording)


In this open question and answer session AJ Block took questions on didgeridoo-related topics. Recorded with a live online audience on November 18, 2017.

Questions asked in this session:
01:59 What are the keys of didgeridoo most used by professionals?
04:44 What are your favorite materials used in making didgeridoos?
07:00 I have a small mouth and find it difficult to get my lips vibrating. I tried resizing the wax but its not helping much.
13:06 When I circular breathe I seem to end up with more air than less air. How do I regulate this so I don’t end up with full lungs?
25:19 Please discuss Bounce Breath if you get the chance. I’ve seen many videos that seem to be conflicting on what it is.
29:44 Is there any way to find out how old my didgeridoo is and what wood its made of?
30:56 How do you manage spitting saliva while playing?
34:33 If you can’t circular breathe is there any way to incorporate the lack of it into your playing?
38:01 If I’m a drummer but am very interested in world styles of music would a didge be a wise choice to buy?
42:00 What meditation rhythm is your favorite? 45:12 If you are a drummer, can you make beats with your hands on the didgeridoo?
47:03 Can very young kids play didgeridoo?
51:48 Do you write down your didgeridoo songs and if so how? 54:48 What is the best website for affordable didgeridoos? 55:06 Do you do yoga?
57:37 How do you layer sounds on the didgeridoo?
01:01:31 Is there a connection to the size and shape of the mouthpiece and ease of playing?
01:05:02 How many didgeridoos do you own?
01:06:08 Can I come visit your store in NYC?
01:06:54 What are your thoughts on combining didgeridoos, played in parallel by different players, to make an interesting piece?
01:13:27 Will you be doing more of these [livestream Q&As]?
01:14:13 If you have a plastic didgeridoo, does it affect the amount you can do? I have a plastic didgeridoo and I have difficulty doing the things in the lessons.
01:16:31 Big bell didgeridoos are always so enticing. Does the bell add anything different sound-wise, or is it more for looks?
01:18:00 Composing: how do you create songs?
01:18:55 How do you play trumpet sounds?
Videos mentioned in this live Q&A:

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