Didgeridoo Duet Beatboxes, Plays Acoustic Dubstep and Rocks House Beats


Adèle & Zalem are a pair didgeridoo players from France with a very modern sound. Drawing inspiration from modern dance music, beatboxing, house and dubstep, this didgeridoo duet has a unique sound that’s will make it so you can’t even believe you are listening to didgeridoo.

In 2013 Adèle & Zalem released their first album Urban Tree.

This album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Thibault Cano-Bruyere, is composed of 9 tracks, with only two didgeridoos (except for the solo tracks ZalemAlone and SolAdèle). There are no added sound effects; these are purely live recordings.

Listen to Excerpts from Urban Tree:

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