Tacta Handpan Product Demo with Matt Bazgier


Tacta handpans are professional quality instruments made by Brazilian craftsman Rafael D’Arco. The sensitivity to the touch makes these instruments as good as any handpan around. Here Matt Bazgier demonstrates some of the amazing sounds you can get out of a Tacta handpan.

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The tuning of the instrument played in this video is C# Sapphire. The scale is C# G# B C# F F# G# B C#

Matt Bazgier is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Poland currently living and creating in New York. In his work, he explores the borderline of music and personal growth.
His music is deeply rooted in a world of spirits and is treated as a spiritual practice. For several years, he is practicing under the supervision of Elders of indigenous cultures from many parts of the world. Listen to more of his music at mattbazgier.bandcamp.com

The Tacta Handpan Story:

In Brazil in 2010 handpans were very difficult to get. That’s when Rafael D’Arco, pianist and percussionist, started researching the production process.

In 2015, D’Arco set up his workshop and developed the tooling required to cut, shape and tune the steel sheets, turning them into proper handpans. A year of research, which involved a few trips abroad, led to his refinement of handpan production.

The long search for the most adequate metal, ideal thickness, heating process, tools and tuning techniques, led to the pleasant sound of the Tacta, which continues to evolve.

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