RAV Vast Comparison: G Minor Pentatonic vs. G Pygmy


These two RAV drum models, the G Minor Pentatonic and the G Pygmy are similar but different. There is one main note that is different: the flat 6th (b6), which in the key of G is Eb (E-flat), and is also called the “pygmy note”.

Check out the video to hear how these two scales differ and see which one is better for you.

This RAV Vast Comparison was done by Matt Bazgier and the video was edited by Narin Kerim

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Originally from Poland, Matt (Mateusz) Bazgier is multi-instrumentalist and music producer, currently living and creating in New York with the Golden Drum community. Under the guidance of Maestro Manuel Rufino, Tito La Rosa and Elders of many traditions, he studies the use of sacred music in many forms. His music is deeply rooted in a world of spirits and is treated as a spiritual practice. “I understand sound and music as a tool to create energy, transform, heal and communicate with the higher planes. I am particularly interested in combining styles and musical worlds to discover new musical grounds. Music is my way of service to the world.”