didgeridoo circular breathing class lessons intensive masterclass

Saturday, March 19, 10:30AM-1:30PM EST

Live in NYC and Online Worldwide

Join AJ Block, director of Didge Project in this 3-hour workshop, specifically focused on learning circular breathing through a multitude of approaches. Mastery of circular breathing strengthens the respiratory system, builds vital energy in the body and can take your wind-instrument playing to the next level.

Why learn how to circular breathe?

For one, circular breathing will allow you to find more relaxation while you play and allow you to enter a more meditative state while playing. Secondly, circular breathing lends itself to a wide variety of rhythms that will make your playing sound more interesting and give you lots of ideas to play with.

The Circular Breathing Intensive is perfect if you’re someone who wants to proficiently play the didgeridoo. Whether your interest is enhancing the health of your respiratory system, learning to play this fantastic musical instrument, or reducing stress through meditative breathing practices, this workshop will help you find what it is your are looking for.

Registration: $65

All participants will receive a copy of the course worksheets

In-person participants will receive complementary didgeridoo rental and tea.

Online participants will attend via live video-stream and will also receive a video recording they can keep indefinitely.


In-person Location: The Ark, 107 Green St. #G55, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Directions

Questions? Contact us at info@didgeproject.com and 347-871-3866

Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING

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