RAV Drum & Handpan Composition Course with Ricky Hillson

RAV Drum & Handpan Composition Course with Ricky Hillson
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Explore the sound of the Rav Vast and the Handpan with musician, luthier and music teacher, Ricky Hillson. Filmed with a live group of students, Ricky demonstrates how to make basic patterns, change up repetitive playing, find a groove, song development, compositional techniques and more! The goal of this class is to grow your ability as a handpan music composer and increase your tonal control.

Course runtime: 2 hours and 50 minutes


Presenter Bio:

Richard Hillson is a Multi instrumentalist, teacher and artisan, performing on Guitar, Handpan, Rav and a variety of World Instruments. As a Middle School teacher, he has witnessed, first hand, the power of introducing handpans and Ravs to a young audience. His core musical belief is that we are all inherently musicians and awakening our individuated abilities is often a life changing experience. While busking and performing over the last ten years, Ricky has developed a unique playing style, focusing on composition, and inspired by his passion for world music.
He performs frequently in Massachusetts venues and offers lessons and musical performances electronically/ in person.

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